Your Struggles, Our Passion

If it seems like you can't win when it comes to technology, let us know!

Internet Brand Management

If you need help getting online or if you aren’t getting the results you’d hoped from the internet we can help. We specialize in managing brands online.

Technology Consulting

We will help you find the best solutions for your needs. Help you create the best technology plan. And implement that plan as efficiently as possible.

Website Design & Development

If you need a large complex e-commerce site with third party integrations and more, we can do that. If you need a simple one page website, like this one, we can do that too!

Internet & Social Media Marketing

If customers or clients aren’t coming to your site, or even worse they’re coming but not buying. Let us monitor your site and make adjustments to increase sales.

Are your customers not finding you online?

Our Mission

Making Technology Work For You

Our Focus:
To assist you in making the best technological choices.

Tech Fire LLC has been providing Technology Consulting and Internet Brand Management to small businesses across the Midwest since Spring of 2012.

We know that using technology and the internet in your business can be complex and frustrating at times.

We understand that you are an expert in your field and like most business owners you simply want technology to work for you, not the other way around.

It was out of this frustration that our mission and focus was born.

Meet the team

We share the dream that technology should simplify life not complicate it, and the belief that a simple life is a life worth enjoying.


Josiah is a small business minded entrepreneur. He started Tech Fire in 2014 to specialize in technology consulting and online brand management for small business.

Alex Roberts

Alex is a problem solver, husband, and father. With years of programming experience under his belt he always shows up when everyone else would give up.


While Isaac started in still photography, the art of motion pictures always intrigued him. Isaac is an artist at heart, a storyteller, and collector of perfect moments.

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